Mobile App Development

In the digital era, we notice continuous innovative applications that making the life of the mobile and internet users bit relaxing. We have so far provided amazing and customer engaging applications that improve brand image and business profit. We are now the best option in the market that holds expertise in providing mundane marketing stuff for companies in different industries. Our expert team of developers have solutions to develop creative application and tools that customers can use, share with friends and feel good.

For being successful in this digital era, companies need to think ahead of the market trends and competitors. The marketing approach should be visionary and proactive and should be ready for the change. Technology is also changing at a fast pace and new app with updated devices need to be welcomed in the first phase. We know that companies that emerge strongly in this digital era survive and capture the global market. At Online Strikers, we believe in creativity, developing intuitive mobile applications that are suitable for the Android mobile phones, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. So far we have gained a high appreciation for the clients and users for every unique and high performing application.

Most important Mobile App development services
Facebook Apps: Facebook has gone beyond just being a social platform. It is now widely used as the digital marketing platform and is engaging a wide range of internet users across the world. The businesses that manage to engage with customers using Facebook are able to increase their brand awareness. Let us develop an app for your business that can use Facebook to create awareness and attract traffic to the website.

Web Apps: It is now easy to get anything from e-commerce business to dynamic websites developed by our developers. Our main applications include lead management system, content management system, e-commerce websites along with electronic businesses to social network services.

Mobile Apps: If you are operating a business, we believe that your app needs to attract customers, user-friendly and awesome. We know that tiny convenience in the mobile app leads to huge business success. So, take the help of our developers’ expertise and get the suitable mobile app for your business.

Why client prefer Online Striker?
Client prefers us for developing education mobile apps, business mobile apps, finance mobile apps, lifestyle mobile apps, catalogues mobile apps, social networking mobile apps, navigation mobile apps, calling apps, and the list goes on as per the individual client’s need.

We at Online Strikers have experienced developers who possess a strong technical understanding and develop user-friendly Mobile app design. Strongly agreeing to provide you personalised Mobile app development solution in:

iOS app development: We have experienced team who have developed an app for Apple iPhone and iPad. The iOS app developed so far is accepted at the iTunes app store.

Android app development: Android phones have so far captured half of the global Smartphone market. With this, we know that it is very important to develop an Android app to stand out in the industry you own a business. We have handpicked android developers who can easily exceed your android app need.

Cross-platform and hybrid: This is one of the perfect solutions to maintain aesthetic features across the wide range of devices. In this, you get one codebase, language, same IDE and API. We easily develop hybrid apps that attract customers and satisfy the versatile desire of the clients.

Wearable devices and IoT: We know that most of the companies are not able to execute connecting products, diverse mobile applications and embedded devices under one roof. We at Online Strikers have experts who provide a cutting-edge solution for wearable devices for different industries.

Augmented reality: With the increasing trend of adaptability to the augmented reality in advertising channel, we have developers who can develop AR apps for different business needs.

User experience and design: We provide different apps that have a user-friendly and simple design. We also ensure and maintain quality in all the apps along with high responsive UI/UX for better engagement with the clients.